Planning and Zoning

BluePrince planning and zoning module is great


  • Automatically see relevant code sections for each project
  • Fully classify properties
  • Import from and synchronize from GIS databases
  • View complete zoning history on every property

BluePrince’s comprehensive planning and zoning module allows users to handle all types of planning, zoning, and land management permits, applications, and variances.

Customized for Any Zoning Code

BluePrince's planning and zoning module puts a jurisdiction’s entire zoning code at their fingertips. All properties are easily assigned to the relevant districts, either by a few simple clicks or through automatic imports from the GIS database.

Automated Code Lookup

The planning and zoning functionality streamlines code review by displaying all the relevant elements of the code for each unique project. This eliminates the need for planning and zoning staff to wade through sections of code that are not applicable.

Track Property History

Every property record in BluePrince contains the complete zoning history with all planning and zoning relief permits, variances, and conditional use permits. Every district, every owner, and all property splits and combinations are available instantly.


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