Permits and Inspections

BluePrince permits and inspections is a core feature


  • Associated permits and inspections are tied to a common project
  • Easily routes and tracks interdepartmental communication
  • All inspection tasks can be handled wirelessly in the field
  • Citizen Access portal dramatically reduces office traffic and phone calls

BluePrince’s permitting and inspection module offers municipal governments the advanced ability to create and manage all types of permits and to assign and schedule inspections.


BluePrince uses a Project Model to handle all permits. This allows projects that involve one or more permits across one or more properties to be connected. Users have complete control over the permit. Easy communication tools allow users to communicate with the applicant, via the Internet, fax or mail.  From BluePrince, authorized users can control all aspects of the permitting process, from application to completion.


Once the permit has been entered into BluePrince, users and contractors can request inspections in multiple ways:

- Over the counter
- Citizen Access portal
- Interactive Voice Response system

BluePrince provides inspectors with powerful and easy-to-use inspection assignment, ordering, and routing tools. Applicants and associated contractors are notified of a change in the inspection’s status automatically through the Internet, which delivers the information via e-mail, SMS, and the world wide web.



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