City/County Management

BluePrince benefits city and county managers


  • Configurable executive dashboards
  • Easy access to real-time data
  • Built-in workflow and project management

With BluePrince's advanced features, such as built-in reporting, configurable executive dashboard, enhanced project management, and accounting capabilities, city and county managers can stay on top of development department activity, from new housing starts to large-scale commercial activity.

Increased Accountability

BluePrince’s reporting options allow city and county managers to share concrete statistics with their councils and/or commission. Access to real-time data eliminates information lag and quantifies the current state of the jurisdiction.  With over 50 built-in reports and the capability to build your own custom reports, BluePrince offers a complete picture of jurisdiction activity.

Economic Development

The BluePrince system provides city and county managers with key economic development tools. Using GIS, managers can view new development activity spatially by type (e.g., residential, commercial). Additionally, BluePrince’s customized executive dashboards give city and county managers at-a-glance statistics on new building, remodeling, and growth trends.

Project Mangement

Project management features are built in to the architecture of every BluePrince installation. By creating “projects” which cover every type of building, planning and zoning, or code enforcement event, jurisdictions can track development projects from initial review through certificate of occupancy issuance.

Accounting and Fees

BluePrince was developed to handle unique fee schedules, including mandatory and optional fees, all of which can be calculated using an immense variety of methods. In addition, BluePrince can integrate with all leading payment systems, allowing the department to easily accept payment via credit or debit cards.

BluePrince offers a proven, flexible solution that provides the tools city and county staff need without requiring the large resource commiment of custom-written software. Over the last year, BluePrince has processed over 4 million development department transactions.


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