Citizen Access Portal

BluePrince Citizen Access enables a community to access municipal information quickly and easily


  • Easy setup and configuration
  • Create and track permits, projects and code cases
  • Online document center
  • Easy online payment processing
  • Searchable property history information
  • Customized development reports

BluePrince Citizen Access enables community members to access powerful information through a user-friendly portal which enables online management of all development information and processes.


Citizens can log on to BluePrince Citizen Access and view full property history information and graphical representations of development trends, submit code or zoning compliance issues, and even apply for and track permits.

Businesses and Contractors

Businesses can use the portal to schedule automatic delivery of development activity reports, view key jurisdiction documents, upload documents, and access business licensing administration. Contractors can use the portal to access their online permit and approvals center.


The portal provides more than just data access; the same jurisdiction business rules enforced within BluePrince software are enforced online. In addition to process customization, the look and feel of the portal can be tailored to coordinate with a jurisdiction’s brand and website.


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